Burnt Offering Beckons Bountiful Snowfall

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Newsroom

BRIAN HEAD, UT – The annual ULLR (pronounced oo-lar) Burn will take place Monday, November 15, 2010 at 6 PM in front of the fire station in Brian Head, UT. Everyone is welcome to attend. The ULLR Burn event at Brain Head is a fun sort of ritual sacrifice to the mythological Viking snow god to bring a bounty of snow to the mountain for the upcoming ski and snowboard season. ULLR (oo-lar) is commonly known as the Norse snow god among modern ski culture. Many ski resorts have similar celebrations to commemorate and recognize ULLR throughout the ski season. Attendees are invited to bring old ski or snow board equipment, gear, mate-less gloves, etc. to be burned in a big metal drum as sacrifice to ULLR.

For the past 25 + years, Bob Goldhirsch and Tim Deutschlander, of Brian Head, Utah, have a pre-ski season ritual they call the ULLR Burn. ULLR (oo-lar) is universally known as the snow god among modern ski culture, and Goldhirsch likes to believe the God of Après Ski as well. The date is never set in stone but usually takes place a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving which, pending snow – is usually opening weekend for Brian Head Resort. According to Goldhirsch who has been driving the snow cat at Brian Head Resort as a groomer for the past 20 years, “There is no set time. When it feels right – we do it. Our purpose” states Goldhirsch, “is to appease ULLR to give us a good winter season”. The celebration, designed to usher in winter, includes a big bonfire, fireworks and a toast with aptly named ULLR peppermint schnapps.

Although the origin of the name ULLR can be traced to many different historic mythologies and theories, the commonly held history is told best by the town of Breckenridge, CO.

“Ullr was so well skilled in the use of the bow and could go so fast on his skis that in these arts no one could best him. Each winter he covered the earth with snow to protect it from harm. It has been said that Ullr enjoyed the cold weather and loved traveling throughout the land, gliding along on his great skis, for pleasure and hunting.

It is also said that Ullr was such a great skier, he would streak across the sky leaving the brilliant stars as his trails (they obviously had some fine powder days). Though very skilled, Ullr guarded his knowledge closely and refused to show the other gods how to ski.” Click here for more information.

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